Chloe Attitudes: What’s the T?

By now you’ve probably heard about Chloe Attitudes, the label’s 60th anniversary exhibition going on in Paris, and if you’re lucky, you’ve even visited it. I wish I could. Chloe’s one of the few huge labels I still get excited about—I love what they put out on the runways, but I like their vintage archive even more.  I remember when I used to try to dig up old Chloe runway photos on the internet, and failed.  I just wanted to see some 1970s Chloe, and there was hardly anything to show for it online–maybe a couple of thumbnail photos, a blurry scan or two from an old magazine being sold on Ebay. . .

Fortunately Chloe Attitudes is also a digital exhibition. The label came up with a theme for each letter of the alphabet, assigning them to 26 different bloggers. I happened to get the letter “T,” for Trompe L’oeil.  At first I wasn’t sure why I was assigned the letter–I thought maybe it had something to do with my last name—but when I looked at the images for the theme I could see why.  This particular collection came from the ’80s, but it has a real 1930s vibe to it.  Surrealism and Schiaparelli, and anything but too serious. And I had no idea it even existed.

You can see a lot more Attitudes-themed blog posts and photos from the Chloe archives here . . .  And if you happen to find yourself in Paris in the next few weeks you can see the exhibit for yourself until November 18th.

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    this is awesome! and you received one of the coolest letters.. what an interesting combination of decades and the beading on the ivory dress is unbelievable.

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