Dace S/S 2013

Right now, Spring couldn’t seem further away.  We had to cancel this weekend’s Tennessee trip due to snow, and to make matters even worse I somehow managed to catch my second cold of 2013. So basically I’m stuck in the house on a surprisingly sunny day (knock on wood, Atlanta), looking at spring collections and wishing that our summer family beach trip could come a whole lot sooner.

Anyhow, I like Dace’s new collection a lot . . . Pale spring colors and neutrals, straight skirts and button-ups.  I like how it approaches ’80s valley girl without going all the way—the light pinks and greens, the high ponytails, some of the skirts I didn’t show here because, well, they’re too ’80s for me.  But as in every Dace collection there are a bunch of pieces I could imagine wearing all the time because they’re so simple and would go with just about everything.

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  1. roberta
    Posted March 1, 2013 at 5:01 pm | Permalink

    So pretty!! These would be so great to weak at Portland in the spring.

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