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Books I Like: Biographies of Creative Women

I haven’t been posting as much fashion stuff lately because I haven’t been all that excited by it, to tell you the truth. It might be just a case of overexposure—seeing the same things on Pinterest and Instagram posted over and over again—but right now most things are looking the same to me, and not [...]

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June Garden

We got back from a five day trip to North Carolina a few weeks ago and the garden was suddenly huge. The kale was finally full-grown (and full of caterpillars, sadly, but they can be picked off), the lettuces that had fed us for months shot up and bolted, as did the arugula, though the [...]

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Boots & Pine

I’ve become really camera shy ever since I stopped doing outfit posts, but when Arden told me she was coming to Nashville and asked me if I wanted to be on Boots and Pine I couldn’t say no. It’s been a favorite site of mine ever since she started it. I love her photos and [...]

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May Garden

I guess I spoke too soon when I said that we were going to keep our garden limited to the front bed and a bunch of containers out back. We meant to, but we kept getting more plants and seeds—too many to fit into pots and the already full front bed—and also we just got [...]

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