Elizabeth Suzann AW13

Elizabeth Suzann released this lookbook back in November, back before it got too cold for exploring waterfalls or doing much of anything here in Tennessee. And it’s not really a fall/winter lookbook, exactly—Elizabeth doesn’t release collections according to a traditional seasonal calendar—which is fine by me. I like clothes that can be worn all year long, like that silk dress below that can be worn with a sweater and boots for fall and with sandals for summer. Or like the cocoon coat  (that I’ve talked about before), and how it works perfectly with jeans and boots for winter or with a silk dress for early spring. I like Elizabeth’s clothes because they’re simple and easy, and because they’d  look good on just about anyone. Seriously—I saw so many people try on that coat at the Porter Flea, and every single person looked great.

Photos: Anna Tucker . . . Model: Madison Bosworth . . . . Hair/Makeup: Chelsea Coker and Patrick Graves

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Belle Meade

It’s been so cold here in Nashville that I haven’t been going outside unless I really have to. But last weekend wasn’t so bad—the sun was out and the temperatures reached the 50s—so Drew got out his camera for an article we’re working on and we ventured out. We went all over the city, to places I’d never been to but had been wanting to go to—Hey Rooster General Store, Mitchell Delicatessen—and to a few that I’d been to long ago, like Belle Meade. 

Belle Meade was probably one of the very first places I went to in Nashville.  I can’t even remember how long ago it was, and how many blog photos I’d taken there. This time around we walked around quickly, and Drew took photos of the grounds, trying to get the most springlike photos he could. And I got him to take a few of my outfit, which is pretty much the sort of thing I’ve been wearing all winter: long-ish skirts, silk blouses (like this one that Lauren marble-dyed) that ’80s thrift store cape coat I can’t shake, ankle boots and the hat that always got me weird looks in Atlanta but that fits in just fine in Nashville

I can’t remember the last time I bought new clothes or shoes. Right now I’m really just into thrift stores again. I’ve been getting long silk skirts and oversized ’80s sweaters (sometimes they come with shiny embellishments that you have to take a seam-ripper to, but that’s ok) and I’ve on the lookout for the thrift store equivalent of these. Part of it’s because whenever I see something new online that I love I realize that I can probably find something similar and maybe even cooler in a thrift store. And part of it’s because I want to save money and spend it on plants instead. Right now I’m obsessed.

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Pretend Outfits for a Cold Nashville Winter

1. La Garconne Moderne Sylvia Pullover . . . . 2. Topshop Moto Midi Kilt . . . . . 3. Clare Vivier Stars Foldover Clutch . . . . . 4. Rachel Comey Agenda Boot.

1. Lauren Manoogian Capote Coat . . . . 2. A Detacher Doe Drapey Dress . . . . . 3. Hendrik.lou Mittens . . . . 4. Ariana Bohling Felix Oxford.

1. Tiro Tiro Lado Necklace . . . . . 2. Sessun Sourou Sweatshirt Dress . . . . . 3. Duray Merino Wool Socks . . . . . 4. No. 6 Buckle Boot.

1. Frame Lisse Jean . . . . . 2. Elizabeth Suzann Artist Smock . . . . . 3. Sam Edelman Petty Boots . . . . . 4. Llano Fez Hat. . . . Collages by Drew.

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Rooms With A View

Last year I lucked out at the Goodwill when I found a copy of the book Handmade Houses for under a dollar. But I was also a little mad, since just 2 days before I’d ordered a used copy of that same book on Amazon for a lot more than a dollar. Of course I bought it anyway. I also bought another ’70s interior design book that was right next to it, Rooms With A View. It’s not as good as Handmade Houses—not nearly so ’70s off-the-grid hippie—but there are some things in it that I like. Especially the Santa Fe adobe houses and all of the plants; the hanging ivy and spider plants can stay back in the ’70s as far as I’m concerned, but the overgrown cactus and staghorn fern are pretty amazing.

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