Lauren Winter SS14

Lauren Winter’s new spring collection is out, and I have to say that it’s my favorite of hers yet. I got to see every piece in person (and even tried on a few) when Lauren (and Neil and Bloom) came to Nashville a few weekends back to shoot the lookbook. Drew took the photos, I styled, and our beautiful model Ashley braved the cold in silk dresses.

I love everything, so I’m not sure if I could pick out a favorite, although I do really love that black jumpsuit. Lauren was really inspired by Japanese origami and ’80s shapes, and you can really see it in the weird (good) folds of the jumpsuits and the kimono and in that madder dyed silk skirt, which is also a favorite. I also love Lauren’s ceramic necklaces for this season: they’re fired in a kiln and glazed in natural colors, and I was lucky enough to come home from the shoot wearing one.

You can check out larger photos of the colletion over on Lauren’s blog. And most of the pieces can be found right now in her shop . . .

Clothes: Lauren Winter  . . . . . Photos: Drew Tyndell . . . . . . Model: Ashley Fisher . . . . . . Styling: Rhiannon Leifheit.

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Outfits for the First Week of Spring

(We’ll just pretend that it’s not snowing in Nashville right now) . . . .1. Rachel Comey Course Dress . . . . 2. Farrell & Co. Semi Circle Bag . . . . 3. Madewell Warren Sandal.


1. Rachel Comey Glinda Jumpsuit . . . . . 2. Cave Collective Sunset Tassel Necklace . . . . 3. Alpha60 Ayaka Heels. . . . . . (I basically stole this outfit from Lauren).

1. Reinhard Plank Donna Hat . . . . . . 2. A Détacher Lola Dress . . . . . 3. No. 6 2 Strap Clog.

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Downtown Nashville

I just did a little travel write-up on Nashville in a magazine called The Simple Things, and got the chance to play tourist in my town all over again. We’ve lived here for half a year, so sometimes we still feel like tourists—especially when we walk down Broadway, where most of the people are in cowboy boots and where live music plays in the honky-tonks at any time of day.

I wrote about some other places in the article—historic sites like Belle Meade and hipster meccas like Imogene + Willie and the Pinewood Social—but if I had to narrow down my must-visit list to one spot I’d choose Lower Broadway. There is history (Ernest Tubb’s record shop has been there since the ’40s, but mostly I remember it from the movie Coal Miner’s Daughter), lots of music (sometimes played in smoky hole-in-the-wall bars that seem to have been there forever), and an earnest, completely un-ironic hokeyness that I kind of love. It’s very Nashville and it’s refreshing.

You can see the article in the March issue of The Simple Things . . .

Photos by Drew

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Elizabeth Suzann SS 2014

Elizabeth Suzann’s spring line was released yesterday, and it’s all so good: lots of silk and linen, jumpsuits and kimono style jackets and deceivingly simple dresses. And the new lookbook is out too, which I was really excited about seeing. Last month I got the chance to go down to St. Augustine to work with Elizabeth’s team and style for the shoot. Anna Tucker shot the photos and Madison Bosworth modeled, and the sun was out the whole day, and it really couldn’t have been any better. We drank sangria and walked around the old part of town, dodging tourists and scouting out quiet photo spots.

Elizabeth’s collection reminded me a lot of French beach clothes from the ’20s and ’30s. The long dusters and wide-legged silk pants gave me Seeberger vibes, so I knew I had to steer the styling in that direction somewhat. Using pieces like Elizabeth’s pretty amazing Gamma Folk necklace above helped modern it all up.

A few days after getting back, I was reading a biography on Diana Vreeland and came across a story about how she, Louise Dahl-Wolfe, and a young Lauren Bacall all traveled to St. Augustine to shoot an editorial for Harper’s Bazaar. They took beautiful photos, some of them in the exact spots Anna and Elizabeth chose to shoot at. But in the end it rained and it was wartime, the trains were full, and all Diana Vreeland wanted was to get out of St. Augustine. For us it was the opposite. We didn’t want to leave the warm sunshine to head back north to Nashville.

Here are just a few photos from the lookbook. You can check out the rest—plus all the pieces in Elizabeth’s new collection—at her site . . .

Clothes: Elizabeth Suzann . . . Photos: Anna Tucker . . . Model: Madison Bosworth . . . Styling: Rhiannon Leifheit.

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