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Weekend in Chicago

We were in Chicago for only two days, but we filled them up, walking around town, touristing on Michigan Avenue, eating some of the best vegan food I’ve ever had, and ending up in the emergency room. (those last two aren’t related) Drew had some pieces in Typeforce, an art show in Bridgeport, so we […]

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Tennessee Bound

Drew, Rufus, and I are moving to Nashville! I’d been trying to keep the news under wraps while we got things finalized, but with all the cryptic hints and Nashville trips we’ve been taking lately I think it was getting to be pretty obvious. I think it was also obvious that I’ve been in love […]

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Thrift stores have been extra good lately. I’ve been finding silk skirts and blouses, and even better, blouses that look and feel just like silk but are secretly polyester so that clumsy people like me can throw them in the wash and not ruin them. Those are my favorites. I’ve been finding books and old […]

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Galena, IL

Galena, Illinois is the only place in the Midwest that I’m homesick for, and I didn’t even grow up there. Well, not really. We lived two hours east in a town I don’t miss one bit since it was pretty forgettable: flat farmland broken up by Walmarts and warehouses, a depressed downtown, strip mall sprawl. […]

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