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No. 6 Holiday

Well, this isn’t really a holiday collection, but doesn’t it look like it? The week between Christmas Eve and New Year’s is the only time of year that I’m open to wearing sparkles and kelly green, which is probably why I like some of the stuff in the No. 6 store more now than I […]

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Easter in Tennessee

We spent Easter this year at my family’s house in Tennessee, mostly doing indoor things since it was cold and rainy the whole time. The weather lately usually makes me depressed, but I was so glad to see everyone that I didn’t even mind grey skies and staying inside. It was cheerful enough at  my […]

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Christmas on the Coast

On Christmas day Drew and I took a little drive on the back roads near where his parents live. Mainly we wanted to go take pictures of funny Christmas decorations, which there are plenty of in North Carolina (and pretty much any state in the South).  I didn’t see any lit up palm trees, but […]

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Christmastime in Hollywood

“December 1931 was drawing to a close and Hollywood was aglow with Christmas spirit, undaunted by sizzling sunshine, palm trees, and the dry encircling hills that would never feel the kiss of snow. But the “Know-how” that would transform the Chaplin studio in the frozen Chilkoot Pass could easily achieve a white Christmas. In Wilson’s […]

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