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Books I Like: Biographies of Creative Women

I haven’t been posting as much fashion stuff lately because I haven’t been all that excited by it, to tell you the truth. It might be just a case of overexposure—seeing the same things on Pinterest and Instagram posted over and over again—but right now most things are looking the same to me, and not […]

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Dietrich on Vacation

When I was in college I was absolutely obsessed with Marlene Dietrich and hero-worshiped her all the way, covering my dorm room walls with photos of her, reading every biography I could get my hands on, re-watching DVDs of her films over and over again. I loved the dramatic 1930s stuff best: Morocco with Gary […]

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Rooms With A View

Last year I lucked out at the Goodwill when I found a copy of the book Handmade Houses for under a dollar. But I was also a little mad, since just 2 days before I’d ordered a used copy of that same book on Amazon for a lot more than a dollar. Of course I […]

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Eyre De Lanux

I just finished reading Lisa Cohen’s book All We Know: Three Lives, which is basically a biography of three relatively forgotten women who crossed paths occasionally in the 1920s and ’30s. I’d already read about Mercedes de Acosta (you can’t get through a biography of Greta Garbo or Marlene Dietrich without finding Mercedes lurking on the […]

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