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Willy Somma

These photos by Willy Somma make me want to travel out West more than I usually do, which is a lot. Honestly I think Drew and I plan out hypothetical California/Arizona/New Mexico trips once a week; one day we’ll get back out there. I’m not sure where these photos were taken, but the hippie desert […]

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Beauty Everyday

Beauty Everyday is a blog based in my old (and brief) hometown of Athens, Georgia, a sort of love letter to the South in photo form. If checking out their site everyday makes me want to jump in the car and start exploring the countryside, I can’t imagine what a look through their new book […]

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Ferdinando Scianna’s Tennessee

I posted some of Ferdinando Scianna’s 1980s photos of Nashville earlier this year, back when our move to Tennessee was just some wishful thinking. I had no idea it would happen so soon, and I’m sure I would have been shocked if I’d known that by September I’d be a just-about-official resident of Nashville. Well, […]

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1980s Nashville

Photographer Ferdinando Scianna took these photos of Nashville, Tennessee, in 1986, at least a few years before I ever went there. I can’t remember the first time, really. My grandparents moved to Tennessee when I was a kid, and I have some vague memories of small town country stores and state parks, but not really […]

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