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June Garden

We got back from a five day trip to North Carolina a few weeks ago and the garden was suddenly huge. The kale was finally full-grown (and full of caterpillars, sadly, but they can be picked off), the lettuces that had fed us for months shot up and bolted, as did the arugula, though the […]

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Downtown Nashville

I just did a little travel write-up on Nashville in a magazine called The Simple Things, and got the chance to play tourist in my town all over again. We’ve lived here for half a year, so sometimes we still feel like tourists—especially when we walk down Broadway, where most of the people are in […]

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Nashville Living

Highlights of living in Nashville so far: 1. Going to Arrington Vineyards with my parents and Lauren and Neil (who were visiting from Savannah). We drank wine and ate a picnic lunch and even got to see an animal-themed party for older women who wore tails. The suburbs of Nashville are a little strange so […]

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Ferdinando Scianna’s Tennessee

I posted some of Ferdinando Scianna’s 1980s photos of Nashville earlier this year, back when our move to Tennessee was just some wishful thinking. I had no idea it would happen so soon, and I’m sure I would have been shocked if I’d known that by September I’d be a just-about-official resident of Nashville. Well, […]

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